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Product features

Our products are fitted with systems designed to enhance safety, water saving and performance. These icons will help to quickly identify the products which boast such features.

3/4.5 litres

Minimum discharge is 3 litres, maximum 4.5 l.

3/6 litres

Minimum discharge is 3 litres, maximum is 6 l.


Chrome parts made of high quality aluminium.


The drain water technology after every use helps to protect against disease.


Anti-fingerprint coating technology.


Water condensation prevention technology.

Anti-scale aerator

Limescale protection system to extend the life of the aerator.

Anti- twist

Flexible hose preventing annoying hose twisting.

Bathtub model

Product designed for bathtub.

Child protection

Safety temperature stop at 38o to prevent scalding. We take care of you and your family.

Cold tap

Cold water tap

Compensation profile

Informs on the extra space available to install the shower screen.

Compensation profile

The screen features a 1.5 cm compensation profile.

Dual Outlet

Products with this feature may connect to the wall or to the floor.

Easy cleaning

Remove the build-up of limescale by simply pressing the exit holes with your fingertips.

Easy to clean

All our materials are easy to clean.

Enviorment- Friendly

Strohm Thermostatic Mixers help to save water and energy, thus protecting the environment.


CE mark

Flow control valve

The flow control valve enables you to save water every time you use the shower.

Glass Thickness

Different glass thicknesses available.

Glass Thickness

The glass is 8mm thick

High quality white ceramic

Ultra-resistant double glazed vitreous china.


Water resitant and fully certified lights.

Magnetic closure

Magnetic closure of shower door.

Metallic frame

Mirrors with metallic frame.


Mix & match different vanity units to create your own ideal bathroom set.

Motion Sensor

Mirror lights switch on and off according to user proximity (4 cm).

No bottom rail guide

Modern and minimalistic system without bottom rail guide.

Noise reducers

Noise reducers The bath/shower and shower mixers incorporate noise reducers which substantially limit the noise made by water circulating through the tap.

Push to open mechanism

The push-to-open magnet opens the drawer at one push.


Special coating for metallic colors

Quick and easy installation

Quick and easy fitting system (a simple 12 mm box spanner is enough in most cases)


The mirror can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Rimless design

The rimless toilet bowl design helps to keep it cleaner for longer.

Roller Bearings

Simple and minimalistic bearing system in your shower enclosure.

Safe touch system

Some of our models include this extra safety device for additional protection.

Scalding prevention

All our thermostatic mixers are fitted with a 38 °C temperature stop. This device prevents unwanted temperature variations, thus reducing the risk of burns.

Shower height

Shower height: 195 cm

Shower height

Shower height: 193.5 cm

Shower height

Shower height: 200 cm.

Soft close

No need to close the toilet lid after use. The lid closes gently and silently at one simple touch after use.

Soft close

Hydraulic dampers on drawer runners to ensure smooth and silent drawer closing even when slammed shut.

Stainless Steel

Chrome parts made of high quality stainless steel.

Super Eco A++

From 12 to 5 litres per minute at 3 bars of pressure.

Telescopic shower system

All Teka Strohm shower systems are fitted with a telescopic rail for height adjustment.

Touch System

Use your finger to turn on or turn off this mirror.

Twin roller bearing

Type of bearing system in your shower enclosure.

Ultraslim shower head

Stainless steel shower head with 2 mm thickness.

Water resistant

The vanity unit is made with highly water-resistant materials.

Water saving

As planet lovers, products with this icon reduce a little bit more water consumption.

Water saving

With a standard mixer, the average water flow goes from 12 to 16 liters/ minute, depending on the pressure. Thanks to a flow limiter located at the aerator of our ECO mixers, the flow does not surpass 5 litres/ minute, regardless of how high the pressure is.


The vanity unit is made with 100% waterproof materials.