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Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy forms an integral part of the Legal Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of the website (hereinafter the “Website”) available on the website located in the URL and mobile device application. 

For the purpose of enhancing your browsing of the Platform, TEKA SANITARY SYSTEMS S.A (hereinafter “TSS”) with CIF: A07005473 and business address in Calle Conquistador 2, 07350 Binissalem, SPAIN hereby informs you that it uses data storage and retrieval devices: cookies, marketing pixels and technologies with similar functions (hereinafter the  “Cookies”).

In any event, we inform you that the provider is the controller of the Cookies and of the processing of data obtained via proprietary and third party Cookies, deciding on the purpose, content and processing of the data collected. 

What are Cookies?

Cookies are files containing small amounts of information that are downloaded to the user’s device upon visiting a website. 

Cookies are essential for the operation of the Internet; they cannot harm the user’s terminal/device and, if enabled in the browsing configurator, can help to identify and solve potential Platform operation errors. Cookies have many purposes, such as ensuring efficient navigation between websites, recording your preferences and, generally, enhancing your user experience. They also help to ensure that the marketing viewed online is the most relevant to you and your interests. 

Use of Cookies by the provider 

By accepting the Cookies box at the start of Platform navigation or by configuring the Cookies settings, you can expressly accept the use of such Cookies on your devices. If you disable the Cookies, this may affect the proper operation of certain features on the Platform. 

Specifically, the provider uses Cookies for the purposes listed below. If the provider should user any others in the future to provide additional improved services, the user will be informed thereof.  


Technical cookies are essential for platform browsing and function use. These cookies generally activate the various features of the Platform, ensure more secure browsing and provide features you have previously requested. Given that they are necessary for website operation, these Cookies are activated by default and may not be disabled. 

TEKA may use Cookies for storing your Cookie settings, stabilise your browsing or make it more secure. 

Technical cookies PurposeProviderExpiry
OptanonConsentThis Cookie helps to determine whether the visitor has accepted the cookie consent. It ensures that the cookie consent box will not be displayed upon reentering the website. TEKA1 year
PHPSESSIDThis cookie stores user statuses in all page requests. 
OptanonAlertBoxClosedThis cookie identifies the exit from the cookie banner and records user cookie settingsTEKA1 year

These Cookies are necessary for Platform operation and therefore cannot be disabled.


These Cookies are used to record information to enable access to the service with certain features that differentiate your experience from that of other users, such as default language, number of results to be shown when making a search, the appearance or content of the service according to browser used to access the service or the region from which the service is being accessed. In the event that this personalisation is necessary for the proper operation of the Platform or should be directly requested by you, the settings will remain active as they are essential for Platform operation.

Personalisation CookiesPurposeProviderExpiry
WhislistThe purpose of this cookie is save on the user profile the preferred products Fullcircle
1 year
Country/RegionThis cookie allows to select the product and prices available on the user market region. The site will not be able to show any product if the region market is unknownFullcircle30 days

These Cookies help track and analyse user behaviour, including the quantification of marketing impact. The information collected via these types of Cookies is used to measure Platform activity in order to add enhancements according to the analysis of service use by users.  

These Cookies may be enabled or disabled. 

Analitycal CookiesPurpose ProviderExpiry
_gidGoogle Analytics is a website analytics tool that uses Cookie information to analyse the number of Platform visitors and visits, the average visit time, the average number of pages viewed by each users, geographical reports, socio-demographic reports (by language, location, Internet provider, mobile device…). Google Analytics2 years

These Cookie store information on user behaviour obtained from the continuous observation of browsing habits, which allows us to develop a specific profile to show advertising via certain marketing efforts. Likewise, these Cookies enable you to receive TEKA marketing on third party websites. You may enable or disable the installation of such Cookies. 

Marketing Cookie Providers and information PurposeExpiry
FacebookWe use Facebook pixel to identify your Platform browsing and send you communications via this social media platform. 3 months
Google (Google Tag Manager)We use Google platform to manage all Cookies and other technologies processing your data on the Platform.  13 months
Google (Doubleclick)We use Doubleclick Cookies to analyse your browsing history and provide relevant TEKA news and information. 13 months
Cookie control and removal 

The Cookies Settings tool allows you to disable or accept Cookies requiring your consent. You may also block and remove Cookies by changing your browser settings. 

Similarly, most browsers allow the acceptance or disabling of all Cookies or the acceptance of only certain ones. The process to manage and delete Cookies can be found on the browser help function. If you wish to limit the use of Cookies you may not be able to use all interactive Platform features.

You may allow, block or remove Cookies installed on your terminal by configuring the options of the browser installed on your terminal:  

Browser notices 

If at the start of your Platform browsing you have accepted the receipt of notices via a pop-up window, TSS may send you notices on relevant news and content. You may configure these pop-up notices, both from TSS and other websites, via your browser settings or options.

Configuration of marketing on other platforms 

As is the case with computer terminal browsers, mobile browsers allow you to make changes on privacy and other settings to disable or remove Cookies.  

If you wish to change privacy settings, please follow the instructions provided by your browser developer for mobile devices.

Below are some examples of links that will help you change privacy settings on your mobile device: 

Safari for IOS

Chrome for Android

Configuration of Facebook marketing 

When using social media sites like Instagram or Facebook and accepting their legal texts you may receive TSS marketing information. To show you this marketing data we can obtain your browsing data via Facebook Pixel on our Platform or use Facebook technology to transfer our database on their platform and customise our marketing efforts(in this case, encryption-pseudonymisation measures will be applied). Further information on these technologies can be found here.

Should you wish to configure Facebook marketing efforts, you may do so by:  

On the advertisement displayed click above right “…” Why am I seeing this ad? 

From your user profile, select Configuration>>Advertisements

Last update: November 2020.