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Strohm Values

As a brand, our values form part of our DNA. These values lie at the core of our brand experience, shaping every process, product launch and business decision. A strong brand helps reinforce our purpose and our relationships.


Here at Strohm Teka, we don’t just design bathrooms for homes, we design them for people. No two people are alike

Our vast range of installations, fixtures and fittings invites you to build your bathroom, one dream at a time. We share your vision and help it come to life from the first moment, thought by thought, tile by tile, piece by piece


We offer outstanding design and a firm commitment to our customers’ wellbeing, safety and peace of mind.

Just as you take care of yourself and those you love with all you have in you, we support that care, by offering innovation and quality you can trust.


This is your time. You have earned it. An intimate moment to yourself to refresh and reflect, surrounded by essentials that make feel good, and sure of yourself.

Strohm Teka is part of this, with its vast range of products and infinite combinations that respond to our customers’ needs and desires. We help them to love and care themselves, as they know best.

Feel the spirit of Strohm Teka